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No lyric without sound
Will it make more sense?
Tell me, how'll you dance?

Just like no air that leaves without every breath
How will we survive with us apart?
How, if I no notice you have left?
When my ears are here 
To hear you talk when we are present
To listen even to you silence
And heed your whisper in the breeze in my feelings
With my mind to think of you
My legs to run to you
My eyes to behold you beauty 
When loneliness chase me for a slay
Through that hollow path I won't look pale
For I know you always crossed my way
Yes, through the part we choosed for a while
I know I lied if I say I don't see your light
And my hands was always here
It has grew waxed and stronger
To catch you when you fall from that height
No, I won't let your feet
Kiss the top of the sea
I use to really saypray
That you don't walk away
For you are the S that completes my J

Written by Allone SJ
Created: 08-03-2022


  • Mar 08, 2022

  • Mar 09, 2022

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