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We lost and find
Hurt and love each other

When the appatite for you to me comes
It becomes the right time to fight our way through to each other

Authentically, we never go
Cause we don't lie when we truly cry
For the tears rolls down from the heart not really the eyes

If the words can't come out well as our lips shivers, no doubt our hearts has been freezed without us
With the warm embraced all the snows have melt away
Now our faces shines and light up with smiles

I came from birth to love you until my death and from breath to the depth of the earth in your heart will I rest not the grave

I have made a history with you
Our children will learn from us
I look forward to make a future with you
I won't see your hair as it turns gray again

I Love you before i will disappear like the mist
And when I resurrect I will continue from where I stopped


Written by Allone SJ
Created: 08-03-2022


  • F♥️rever

    Mar 08, 2022

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