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You are not alone

You hear me

Because I hear you

I hear your cries

I hear your screams

I hear the crackling in your voice

When you think no one hears you

I do 

More than that

I see you

I see the pain in your eyes

You know why

Because I've had that same painful look in my eyes

So has 7 billion other people

The pain of loss

The pain of heartbreak 

and betrayal

But you may think you are going through this alone

because you don't see anyone else 

shedding their tears or

screaming their lungs out

But just because you can't see it or hear it

Doesn't mean it's not there

I am here with you

Take my hand

Lay your head on my shoulder

Let me wipe away your tears

Because no one is ever alone

Everyone struggles 

Everyone goes through pain

You just have to brave enough to reach out

And grab someone's hand

Let them tell you: it will be okay

Because it will

No one is sad or in pain forever

Just like it doesn't storm forever

The sun eventually shines again

Ans so will you

Don't give up


  • No i won't give up

    Mar 08, 2022

  • Mar 08, 2022

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