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There is a box 
inside my head
 it's where I keep
the things you said
 now it's a place 
I hate to go 
but as much as it hurts 
I have to know
 so I can compare 
the things you said
 just to verify that 
your love is dead 
I have to go through
 the River of tears 
and the memories
 of when you were here
The hurt sets in 
the tears will start 
now I can proceed 
to My broken heart 
inside the box
 I feel safe and warm 
to escape My Life 
its a thunderstorm 
listen to your lies
 that I used to believe
 you even convinced me
 you would never leave
I know it's over
 so I say goodbye
 and wait for my love 
for you to die


  • Mar 07, 2022

  • I think its good

    Mar 08, 2022

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