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I'm that cold breeze that you feel when it is hot
Your breath when you feel there's no place left to stay in the earth
That voice that will always whisper to your ear and say 'I am here'
I'm the morning sun that shines in your hair
Part of the reason behind your strength
Part of your story to tell
And this bard that I love to write line by line
How I tried to make you smile
But also lied and made you cry

Ever since I know your worth
I kept you in the most beautiful country
Inside the continent of my heart
Where the sky is high
The field is wide
And the grasses are green 
Where you will have all you need
Trust me, you won't be lonely

There are protective walls that surrounds and secure
No terrors and horrors will see you
They can't dare to climb through

Yes if I should go
This is where I will always come for you

Inside my heart 

Written by Allone SJ
Created: 26-02-2022


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    Mar 07, 2022

  • Mar 07, 2022

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