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I wonder how my guardian angel react to my everyday life. I mean she can't be all Smilling and happy like your movie fairytale. Probably she laughs on those days I make a fool out of myself or when I'm laughing and having a moment of my life. Gets angry at me for not listening to my gut feeling and end myself in a big mess. When I break down and the world tosses me around, she cries her eyes out when she see how hopeless I look, how depressing my aura is, she also helps me with a smile to send my prayers to God. She gets excited more than me when I am visited by romance. She surely enjoys the glimpse of butterfly effect on the stomach when I close my eyes passionately for a kiss and yawning for that glorious touch. Yes she is my guardian but I believe I give her best moments, sad moments, great laughter, anxiety and I believe she does feel how I feel most of the times and the good thing is that she will never judge she enjoys the ride and I'm out here terrified trying to sail this ship with caution. I cannot watch this ship sink under my watch. But I surely believe that we will always enjoy living no matter what.


  • Mar 07, 2022

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