The Person She Made Out Of Him Read Count : 25

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She burns and warms up his heart
Like a fire she can't be put out
As bright as she is she covered the darkest part

Then the monsters of the stygian all fled off
There is no place for them to hide and bite 
Yes, they're scared to stand the light and fight

She made every part in him that seem hidden to be seen
See how lucent his face is
Even the smile can be sighted from a mile 

Her heart indeed is as white as the snows
I'm sure it comes from the empyrean
So is her love that glows and hot like the sun

Then he said to her

Which part of the earth with natural things can we think of?
Where is too wonderful that can be attractive to your eyes?
The sea is big, if it is enough for you let me buy it
If I were to have all the money in the world I can price the planet for you
8 planets there are and one will be yours

This is how big he wish to do something for her
How big his love for you is 
For the person you made out of him

Written by Allone SJ
Created: 01-03-2022



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