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It's been a few days now, since her eyes, and mine locked. 
It felt like she was looking for something in mine. 
I just stared back, didn't say a word.
A question crossed my mind though, what is it she sees or might be searching for, because that's how her eyes felt, like they were looking deep. I eventually looked back at the floor to proceed to get my things ready to leave. The stare though, felt like more than the few seconds it was. 
I'm working through a change, maybe it's better to not ask myself such questions for the time being or is this me overthinking like usual?
It's hard, breaking these processes, I'm getting it done though. 
So I say cheers, to a new road I'm looking forward to travel. 


  • Mar 06, 2022

  • Allone  SJ

    Allone SJ


    Mar 07, 2022

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