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Generational curses are a thing. They are also a lesson that one should learn and break the curse. I believe if it's not my mind set but it's Generational curse then it can be changed. There are a certain things that our elders do in their lives that will make them either happy about their action or regretful sometimes others don't pay so much attention.

Best example will be relationships 
The past generation and the one that is overrated thinks that who are still alive believes that wait for your soulmate bla bla bla. Which is the coolest thing to have someone who is made especially for you. Then this statement makes people to either be at ease or some cringe because they believe that times are changing and how we do things differs. Some grand parents are still together even now. Some they are just so comfortable with the arrangement and they are not ready to let it go, some has that thing of staying because their ancestors are binded so it's going to cause a lot of problems. 

On the other hand you have today's time and you find out that we still want to change partners . Then you know that someone or that person is your soulmate but they keep hurting you and you see the elder allowing or condoning it and it does more harm than good and that's a generational curse. Staying even when it hurts, if it's yours it's going to come back but the situation is ice cold. I see this as a curse but as something we can teach our kids,the coming generation sometimes it's good to be alone until you find deserved value. 

#Love yourself♥️


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