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Everyone loves to be pampered with gifts, anything that is given to you as a gift shows that you are being remembered. Small, big, comfortable is a sign of gratitude. 

Gifts are embraced and they are respected because they show love. They never cause conflicts, they sooth, they heal and they lift self esteem at least that's what I think, but what happens if you wake up one morning and you are told that " you have a gift, the most important and big gift one has ever been gifted with. Something that is not tengable but seen by a few and it's confirmed by a few too. Like I said gifts are everyone's friend and yes like any other gift it gets you happy and confident without even seeing the gift.

Then it suddenly changes everything that is happening around you. It change perspective of how you are viewed. Surely some had heard this before or are familiar with it even. You know that you can say something to someone and it hits the spot or its the truth. I'm talking about an individual who may say to you right now " Run home quickly your house is going to catch fire any minute" when you arrive at home and you find out that your gas cylinder is leaking and it has become dangerous and because you were told prior and was able to help yourself and your property before extreme damage. That's "dope" like they will all say.

A gift that is nothing like your wrapped ones. Those dropped by your door, brought by the delivery guy, fetched at the post office. This is something huge, if it sounds okay (a gift that is a lot to deal with). I'm from Africa and to me such gifts are a big fortune, respected by a lot, trusted by most cultures and it's a 'run with it because you were picked'. Then one starts running, now there is no time to think whether its because it's going to be snatched from you or it s just a figurative motivation. 

We were all once being gifted with something and we all understand how our mood gets lifted up or how devasted we were left after realising what is inside the box. That the wrap might look fancy but the actual gift creates undendind flow of running tears everyday and it's a gift you can't say no thank you. My grandmother would say a " a gift is a gift and you can't say no thank you or no I don't like this one do t you have another one for me." It hurts when gifts becomes your worst nightmare, causes division, confusion with less explanation. Sad truth is not everyone gets to experience that kind of situation. Being handed a box that looks like it has something inside that you always wished for, opening only to find out that the box is empty inside but has a note that reads ' figure out yourself what could be in this box'. 

The item that was in the box, that you not even sure of gets you into a quest  and change your life, creates a lot of edges  and discomfort. Having people to gain jealousy because it's a gift given to you with a box. Everyone wishes to have it, so they could have money, gain respect or have power. Where else no one understands the hardship of trying to figure out how can I gain happiness from this gift, not even able to say it out loud that it's weighing on you.


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