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I know how it is to be told by friends that you cannot be one of us because you don't have the shoes they have
I know when people criticize your art because it's not  what they are used to

I know what is like to wanna be loved and love but no one is down for you 

I know how they come back when the world ain't having them like you had them
I know what is like to be monitored for your eating habits
I know rejection, not only from people but myself too, I haven't found confidence in me as yet

I know the pressure that comes from the world that makes you do wrong things
I know the feeling of napping after crying your eyes out at night

So it's not you only who is facing all these bad things we do too but the only difference is how do we deal with them, do we let them get into our heads or do we work harder to change them and be greater than them

I am working on myself everyday, it's not easy sometimes you think you ain't doing anything but when the month ends there is some improvement

I used to stay away from reflectors because I hate seeing me but trust me I'm working on that, I cannot be ashamed of myself, I'm working on my eating disorder, I'm learning to understand what people do to me, I'm trying to be at peace, I'm trying to save the little me in me who still needs to achieve the dreams she always wanted to achieve, I'm still waiting for my love to work out best for me, I'm still trying to let go of things that hurt me, I'm trying to pray for sanity, I'm still improving and being proud of myself and who I really am, I'm still hoping that one-day my parents could accept me for me

I know it might not be now but I'm just hoping that things fall into place before it gets too late

[Journey of finding inner self]



  • Mar 05, 2022

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