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Many times life has left me with a puddle full of misery to soak in Many times life has left me heartbroken These feelings can't be put into words and spoken It's a heavy feeling nobody ever gets used to So many times in my life I have been used too Everyday I feel like I could just go under Just when it seems to get bright and sunny it begins to lighting and thunder But I am content with Allah qadar all I can say is Alhamdulliah and move on May take time grief are filled with misery and pain These are things I cannot explain Some days I wake up feeling like I've been hit by a train I hope those reading this don't go through these times of grief These feelings are so hard to live with and death would be such a relief During times like these you need to turn over a new leaf Make a better life somehow someway Make the changes that you need today Or life will forever be grey I hope that this beginning of my new chapter start with as a beautiful leaf and find my true happiness through finding my inner self I know allah have better plans for me and I am going to turn my new leaf of something beautiful and brighter 


  • Mar 05, 2022

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