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Poem dedicated to my inner self

I know that you are sitting deep down there in my soul
I know that you are holding in so much power
I know how much you believe in unending love 
Though sometimes you giving me hard times because you never really wanna let go when you are supposed to

I really get to feel sad because, no one respects your belief 
And you also disappoint me because sometimes your beliefs turns into an obsession, I want you to know that In this world we leaving in such mentality is not practised
I want you to know that you would rather have you obsessed with rather than someone else's child
As harsh as it might sound but, it's time to wake up and smell the air

Experience how ignorance,lies, and heartbreak turned in into this thick creature
I just hope you understand that sometimes I will have to avoid you because you don't have any brains you can't make rational decisions, I would like you to kindly stop lighting on these ungrateful non believers and light me more. 
Please give me instead the love that you are always ready to give to these people
Worry about me when I tear down so you could comfort me
Because honeslri my love the times are changing, the more you show them love the lesser they value it so
Be my soul mate incase no one was appointed for you to share this tremendous love with

Whenever you come out to smell those roses in the garden 
Make them make you think about me
I am stuck with you anyway so you cannot just leave me here and go search for something that is actually with you and is you
That way we can avoid crying when they suddenly choose other people and throw you away like a dead flower
Stick with me so that when you feel like you are losing your colour1q
I will be able to repaint you 
When your pot plant of emotions feels dry I will water it but this needs you to make a promise to me that you will never compare happiness to unrealistic situations 

Stop crying over things that passsed especially when you know that non of them deserve to leave you sad 
Stop wearing your fragile fragrance in public 
Wear you wild flower fragance make them want you but hesitate to touch you
I know it sound cliche but hey it is what you are needed to do 
Before you get a rude awakening that will leave you lifeless an will make you withdraw in the spirit of showering love

We all deserve love and what I know is I also deserve you considering how I feel Everytime you turn me down for people who are not around forever, start giving me that energy because whether I promise to stay by you or not I'll always have to pull through for you because I am with you and I need you to just help me as this fight is weighing on my shoulder


  • I enjoyed that, dearly. Well done. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Mar 05, 2022

  • Mar 05, 2022

  • Mar 06, 2022

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