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When your pulse left me,
You took most of my pieces with you. Remember those drums you always heard? Only one is left and it lost its rhythm. The fading sound of our love song haunts me.

The lamp is off, the power is not enough I wasn't prepared, hence I never installed candles so I let the room remain dark. It's good for now the place suddenly feels strange, you took the comfort it held, the bedroom was  filled with laughter that attracted the sun now it can't even reach the window

If only we could laugh more. Look at the sunset everyday after our jogs. Sing our favourite songs Everytime we try to get our work done. Dance and sweat in excitement. Get healthy through our weekly diets. We could cry for not getting things right but laugh our lungs out as soon as we get our school work done, especially those math equations that just made us feel that we totally losing it.
These T-shirts that you admired are left behind. The anxiety of touching them, they smell like you. I prefer a cold shower now, hot one reminds me of our morning routine.
I have no idea how I will fill in these missing pieces. I am still struggling to hide the pain in my eyes , the empty junk food containers. I turned into a looney, every bite calm my  nerves thinking maybe it will replace your joyful laughters and of course the smile that is wiped off my face.

I am not paying for the electricity, let me be in a space that corresponds with my emotions and the temperature of my heart. Cold. I am not trying to make you feel bad, I know I will get used to it. Sadly I'll always miss the slight shoulder pat, the laughter of joy, yeah there was no way I could be that funny. I was just a lousy writer, you were so happy and it came naturally.
You always went on and on about soulmate. Hence I am here today with your family fetching your spirit taking you to a home I'll never be able to share with you. I don't want them telling me about being okay, you knew how to come my storms. I failed to drawn as you were here. You went through that door and that was it...

Everytime I'm asked what have I learned from you, I always respond with "she always laughed her lungs out" I instantly remember how you used to tell me simple stories and turn them into a real laughing situation even when it putted you in an uncomfortable situation. Now I'm here in the cold waiting for that one star to shoot to make a wish just for us to laugh one more time, just for us to have that awkward look before we burst into laughter whiles talking about the comedy sitcoms we always binged watched on our free time. Laughing is the best medicine for human and everyone knows that but I wished I could laugh away the pain of not being able to see your simple self of not having conversations that helped us to connect. I've really lost a friend and a soulmate. I know one day we will laugh more and the pain will be forever forgotten...


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