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When life gets hard and you're fighting to hang on,
Don't you dare quit,
Because you are strong.
When people talk about you,
And they don't know what they're talking about,
Let the Father deal with them,
But don't you start to doubt.
When you make a silly mistake,
And someone wants to point it out,
You have nothing to prove to them,
You don't have to yell and shout.
When people start acting funny,
Like they don't want you around,
Get away from such people,
Don't you let that get you down.
When people accuse you of things,
That are not true and it's completely false,
Remember what Christ went through,
He had to deny himself and pick up his cross.
When you're not having the best day,
And everything and everyone is getting on your nerves,
You must keep composure,
And remember the God you serve.
When you're going through so much pain,
And life just doesn't seem fair,
Remember you're not alone,
The Father is always there.
When it feels like no one understands you,
Or cares about what you're going through,
Think about how far you've come,
Surely you can make it through this too.
When God is steadily testing you,
Because He wants to bring out what He knows is within,
Just go with the flow and surrender yourself,
Because you can do this; you were destined to win ❤️


  • Mar 05, 2022

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