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Why do people always want to hide

 what they're feeling inside 

If you truly love someone 

Then why would you ever want to lie

True love it never dies even on the days

 someone gets their pride in the way

 Your eyes can't deny 

What you try to hide

We hurt each other deep inside

We got to meet each other in the middle and compromise

Give a chance and forgive and treat one another with kindness

My memories with you are priceless

 So what you do when you love

 somebody that runs from the truth

Getting a response is like pulling out a tooth

If I could take back my mistakes I would

I was always told you get through the bad days to reach the good

And to always have each other's back like you should 

when the other is wrong 

You don't hurt their  feelings 

making them feel like they don't belong

 remember all the good and hold on

 to those memories tight 

they'll get you through the darkest nights

days will come you feel like you cannot fight

I promise you're going to be alright

Have hope and faith in what is meant to be in your life

when you got someone real on your side 

True Love never dies


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  • Mar 24, 2022

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