I Am Not In A Good Mood To Cuddle Read Count : 46

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Always changing, 
It's hard for me to promise
 That I will stay the same. 
You want to cross the line that I have
 Drawn over my heart, 
So that I may love you more than
 I have loved you so far.  

Always waiting, 
You want to speed up our time,
 But my steps do not move,
 I do not trust the unknown. 

 You caress me when
 I'm not in a good mood to cuddle.
Sometimes I reject you and then I'm sorry,
 This is my way of being.
 Sometimes I need to breathe alone
 And sigh for my sins, drink a beer.


  • Mar 04, 2022

  • Mar 04, 2022

  • Mar 05, 2022

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