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‘We are lost.’ though almost reluctantly, he said it first. But she couldn't believe it. She was so sure about the way, so sure that she had rudely shut him up several times on the road whenever he attempted to protest.
‘But.. It really should be here.’ she muttered in confusion. The brother sighed.
‘Well.., it's not. We're lost.’ he admitted it for her, knowing very well that these words won't come from her. His sister rarely owns up to failure.
Damnit Li, why'd you have to be such a hard head and drag us all the way out here in the desert, all because of some stupid dream. Sizwe thought to himself. It was dusk and what lay before them was nothing but sandhills. His sister opened the door and stepped out of the charcoal-black SUV. 
He killed the engine and sat back to watch her take it in - the disappointment, the realisation of truth against what she believed in, or what she wished could have been the case but clearly isn't. It's quite sad but it's that simple: reality will always prevail, no matter how powerful your hopes can get. 
You could push me all you want kid, forcing me to do things like drive you to places where I don't even want to go. You could bully the people around you into giving in to your wishes, but unfortunately you just can't do the same with the world. It is how it is.
He pulled out, from the interior pocket of his fine leather jacket, a box of cigarettes, and lit one. Though she is a real pain in the butt, he really couldn't blame her for wanting to come here. Maybe, just maybe, if he was her age, he would have also found a way to be driven five hundred and fifty something kilometres away from home for some silly dream.
Seventeen is still quite an exceptional age to be having such wishful thoughts about the people whom you never got to know. Whom you will never know, Sis. Not because you're not good enough to stay for. Not because you're not special enough to come back for. But simply because, sometimes, if not most of the time, people just don't care.
He watched her as she gazed into the furthest reaches of the desert. She could be wondering about a lot of things at this moment. Was her dream wrong? Had her special gift ran it's course? Or did she do something wrong that had led to this fruitless journey? Whatever it is, she really should hurry up accepting this. They still needed to find a nearest motel to crash at for the night, before they could find their way back home, first thing tomorrow morning. He was hoping she would be done and get back into the car as soon as he finished his cigarette.
Mom, we are here. Where are you? She thought as she strongly tried to hold back her tears. But it was too late, her eyes were already getting all watery. Her thick lips were starting to feel heavy and beginning to tremble. Her round and wide nose beginning to get runny. She could feel her throat tightening by the minute. She felt the urge to put her hands on her head for she was overwhelmed, but resisted it - semiconscious of the fact that her brother was probably watching her from the car. No, this can't be it. She has to be here. She wouldn't have led them all the way out here if she would not show up in person.
Birds in an arrow form flew by. They were heading into the desert, they were heading north-east.
Where are you, Mama?
She heard her tall brother open the car. He too got out and headed where she stood. She already knew what was going on. She knew what he was about to say as he approached her. Yes.., she knew.
‘Come now, Sis. It's time we --’
‘WE ARE SLEEPING HERE, TONIGHT.’ she cut him off, completely. ‘And we will continue on foot that way,’ she pointed to the birds. ‘on the first ray of sunlight.’
Her brother could not believe his ears. No, she has completely lost it. But he could tell from her tone that she was being dead serious. He stood there, looking at her in disbelief. Not uttering a word. The shock has left him indecisive about the mere next choice of words. 
His sister starred right back into his eyes, not a wink of an eye to show her seriousness. He knew what the facial expression before him meant: It meant there's no arguing; it meant whatever you may want to say - don't you forget your promise, and don't you forget how I helped you out of your financial crisis, neither should you forget that it was through my dreams that I helped you. The very dreams that you now find silly and stupid. Don't you forget, Sizwe. 
No, this can't be happening. Are we seriously about to spend the night in the middle of nowhere? Isn't she even scared. Could I try to scare her into retreat? But her sister, as if she was reading his mind, went straight to the car. She layed back her car seat and just watched the horizon.
Maybe she could read his mind, or maybe she really just has known him for that long. 
I know what I promised you, sister. I know I said “Whatever you need.” but should that promise be put above my brotherly duty to keep you safe - even from yourself. 
Yes, her dreams were too wild in deed. Perhaps just as wild as the beasts that very much probably lay inconspicuously about them. And just like that, he too started to wonder with watery eyes, ‘Mama, where are you, really?’


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