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There are lessons in life

that I learned during times of strife

the only way I survived everything I faced

Was holding on to memories I can't replace

Whether it brings a smile or tears to my face

Lessons learned that I can't erase

Just trying to get through life's race

One. Always say I love you even when you're mad cuz you'll never know if it's the last chance you get to have

Two. Take chances and live life because tomorrow isn't promised we don't get to do it twice

Three. Taking a little moments and cherish them for they are the reasons that life is worth it

Four. Find your worth and don't get any less because you deserve it

Five. Go on that vacation and take that long drive you don't always got to be a part of the hive

Six. All your dreams and we're together as a team that's how everything will come together and not fall apart at the seams

Seven. Keep your word it's all you have good or bad,

8. If you don't mean it then don't say it cuz harder to easily broke

9. Take the chance while you can cuz one day they'll come a time that you can't

10. I'm loving forgiveness in your heart even for the ones that they get dirty from the start

11. Life is too short to live with regret make amends every chance you get

12. Love everybody with all of your heart so I'm kind of start but you got to start with loving yourself first

13. Stay humble and kind to the right thing every time even if it hurts you will give you peace of mind

14. Check on your friends that always say I'm fine cuz you just go to the ones that are struggling to find happiness inside

15. Either for each other and help each other cope, it's the only way the world will heal mental health and people addicted to dope

16. Love and connection can heal the evil in this world you just got to give it a chance to build

17. Sometimes you got to take the chance to take down your shield and take the time to heal

18. Always tell the truth and keep it real

19. Don't settle for less and make a deal you're worth more than you'll ever know you're a steal

20. Have faith and always help one another heal

These are 20 lessons I learned living in the fast lane

And how to survive things th that leave your soul stained

So that way you can stay yourself and be able to maintain

Okay tell your heart always say sorry it's not worth not getting a chance at second start

It's time to heal each and every broken heart


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    Mar 04, 2022

  • Mar 04, 2022

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