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I had developed intellectual skills as a baby In my earliest days,
 I’m good at not having difficulty dealing with sensory information 
As a child, 
I can deal with change 
I behave in expected ways 
make people like me 
as a teenager, 
I find it easy to engage in many choirs activities, and I’m good at performing well under pressure 
I’m interested in people 
ever since I was a baby and 
throughout my life 
I’m a fast learner while looking at people learning do the same things they are doing 
my relationship with people wasn’t that great, but I’m not good at establishing romantic relationships due to feeling hurt by confronted and being rejected 
I’m good at focusing intensely on a specific topic 
I can think creatively 
My brain can’t contain long-term memory that well 
I’m good at detail-focused 
I have average skills in peoples 
I’m the same person as typical people I can lie and not be straightforward at times 
I can’t contain my enthusiasm when come to my first romantic relationship 
I’m observant sometimes, but my self-awareness wasn’t that great due to how excited I was
I had problem-solving strengths from when I was a baby and throughout my life. 


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    Mar 03, 2022

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