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I go into my head 
to fish
and out you come,

like an eel,

my brain cavity is 
a cave along an ocean stretch, , 

the lip of 
a slipper coming undone

like you undressing 

naked along curtains 
in a pale deity 
of obscurity with the firm

shape of a tower 

and the immediacy 
of your flesh 
like taste on my tongue, 

and even here, 
in the cave of the brain 
like a reflection 

you, the eel, 
are slippery, hard to get 
a hook on, 

the net is impractical 
when trying 
to work you into a corner, 

you work me into
corners in thought, 

I wrote this to tell
you ive sharpened the 

everyone says aim 
for the heart, 

anotber variation would 
be the head, 

another variation would 
be the eye, 

another variation would 
be the throat, 

etc, etc. 

  - Orin Patterson 



  • Nicely done! 💜

    Mar 02, 2022

  • wow, a brilliant piece 👏🤚👏

    Mar 03, 2022

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