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Category : Poems

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Someone I know
 is a tattle-telling b**** 
nothing but a rat
 going to die like a snitch
 wind up in a ditch
I knew all along
 that that n**** wasn't s***
They wanted some names
 they only needed three
But I went to court
 and they sentenced me
 12 years in prison
 with a guilty plea
Handcuffed and shackled
 they took me away
 where it felt like a week 
at the end of each day
 and constantly remind yourself
 that it'll be okay
They give you a number
 instead of your name
 No matter what your charge is 
you're treated all the same
And many don't leave 
the way that they came
While I'm doing this time
 you're out there getting laid
 thinking to yourself 
about how you got it made 
but you forgot about me
 the one that you betrayed 


  • Mar 02, 2022

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