The Oath Of A Dark Warrior Read Count : 34

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I remember the days when I would have done anything to save the people of the world ,but that time is long past. There was a time when I would have given my blood,sweat,and tears for the people of this world; now I only bleed for my own endeavors. I saw myself as a servant to the people,but now I only serve myself. However, little did I know that the more of my life that I gave the more this world took. I remember the day when the corrupted ideals that I served turned against me. I still remember the screams of my wife and child as they burned beyond recognition in order to hide the sins of those who would dare think of them as the masters of everyone else. So I shall go I shall find these supposed world leaders and kill them one by one until none of them remain, for their deaths shall herald a new era for this world. A world that is free from those who would try to bare your freedom once the deed is complete we shall all be 


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