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With her voice suffering to speak the truth,
While her groans can be seen through her eyes,
Whispering with a broken voice hoping she will heard,
With pain she suffer the most in brokenness

Her wounds have broken her her heart in pieces that will hardly mend,
Heartless is you whom abuses her,
However it not for a man to make her cry,
Her brokenness doesn't bring healing,

In your presence she fears even to take breath next to you abusive man,
Is it who you are man to be abusive to her?
I know she is not a punching bag but you make to be,
It her who is bleeding, weeping and feels sorrowful in heart,

Man you took away your kindness for arrogance,
Cruelty have settled over your life and you allowed it,
You took her freedom away in her presence even her peace is gone,
Your heart is cold to be around her and you comfort her not,

She lives in tears now and feel empty inside,
She is scared of man because some are abusive,
She is wondering if it what it meant be to in pain,
She cries out of tragedy so endlessly,

Though she is seeking for freedom
In her heart a voice say man stop abusing me,
I am tired of this suffering you do intentionally,
I need to not be scared of you and you,

You meant to protect me and love me,
But you are against my gender and my weaknesses,
My eyes are drowning in tears and it easy for you,
Whom is heartless is who fight against who I am.

There is peace I desire that you took away,
My soul found no joy as you can feel pain through my silence,
I need peace stop be against me I am not your enemy,
It her silence that speaks and she is groaning.


  • Mar 02, 2022

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