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Seem so far away even though you lay so close, so many questions but we sit in silence ,so lonely even though we sit inches away,so many thoughts  but not enough questions. Once feeling so loved like I was number one  but now feeling like I'm invisible to you. All those sweet soft kisses on my lips ,Now don't exist anymore. All those promises and sweet words you would wisper ,Have now become such hateful yelling with such hurtful words. Your hands you use to run through my hair late at night , I know fear them . I lay here in are bed where you once held me so close in your warm inbrace, where now I lay alone wondering were you are as the pillows fill with my tears that won't stop falling. Once I  needed you so bad thinking and feeling I  couldn't breath and would die with out you near , But now I feel like with you near I would rather not be breathing and wish I would die just to escape you and this broken heart……..

-COLLEEN HOLMES 02/27/2022


  • Mar 01, 2022

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