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Wake up in the morning, I don't have a sense of urgency Taking things for granted I've been living with uncertainty Try to mask the pain as I'm dealing with this scrutiny My life is like a horror film, I'm screaming out its brutally And honestly... Never been the type to talk about my problems Nod your head up in agreement, you don't ever try to solve 'em Everybody leaves, I should know by now it's temporary Tryna calm my nerves but no prescription necessary
Lord please, I'm reaching out, I need some help I'm down on both knees with constant tension overwhelmed If Ima swim up in these waters then I swear I'm Michael Phelps All this family drama got me living like I'm Dave Chappell I'm so worried for my future when I should be in the moment Depression sinking in again, I thought that it was over I thought that I'd be happy if I gained some more exposure But the opposite is true, I'm fucking miserable and colder
  Where you suppose to turn when the meds and the drugs don't work anymore? My anxiety has been killing every part of me I can hardly breathe, my mind is my enemy. I'm detached from my emotions as I'm going through the motion Treating everyday the same, man I'm sick and tired of loathing In my pity, in my doubts obviously it's so provoking
I can put on quite an act like my name was John Travolta And I'm sorry dad I can't live up to your fucked up expectations I may overanalyze, I might leave the conversation
I might go and break your heart but I promise no intentions. Drowning slowly but I'm remaining optimistic
I must proceed, 'cause I got people that depending on me
Full speed, but I am burning out, confessing Do not tell me open up because I'll probably regret it I contradict myself and question anything that's real I Smoke another cigarette in hopes the trauma maybe healed. Gimme more Xanax, Prozac, thanks Doctor! And I'll be on my way, screaming fuck Big Pharma. Gotta face my demons, don't let 'em get ahold
Crumbling to pieces, it's been a lonely road Wear my scars on my sleeve like a badge of honour And any obstacle that I encounter Ima conquer Weak stomach so depleted but I can't quit Made a promise to myself that I'm all in It's therapeutic and it's something that we both need Without my girl in my life I would have OD'ed. 


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