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The sands of time drifting in the breeze off beyond the trees,the echoing of the Pacific ocean breaks ring out through the desolate night .
Memories from my life flashing in my mind the darkness surrounding my sight, still the vision i see of  the outcome from my complacency.
Heed no warning here they hide in the shadows.
Carelessly Walk the nightmares and wishing it was just a dream .
Everything so bleek and unclean can never unsee what I seen.
My heart bleeds for everyone who the demons have
Blinded with the vale of a hazey smoke foggy reality of the 
Narcissistic truths for the ones in the background being trapped and chained to the ideas of the fault's of the demons host who became ghost,the ones live on with the pains left as a desolate dream with the ones who made them see it's the demons inside you and me ! I've chained my hopes and dreams and the dying feeling to enable the greed and pain of fault for others battles inside with the demons that haunt their life's no unrest always detest the way you pray life would be.only if you could see through the hazey smoke of a false reality you conditioned to be the truth you were lead to believe. 
I love you I gave you my word,opened my heart , pushing away the whole thing you dreamed would stay ,I took on your battles to show you how much I love everything you are through the hazey parils I stayed please don't let your demons control and drive my love to your desolate memories that will haunt you and regret will eat the person I fell for ,we both dreamed of the life of you and me !


  • really good

    Mar 01, 2022

  • Mar 01, 2022

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