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Where are we in this world today?,
 In the streets there is no fun,
 In the parks there is no play.
Our streets filled with blood,
Our countries falling in decay.
 We do not know what went wrong,
 We do not know why this is,
 But yet we do know, we know it well.
 But the world fell asleep, 
 Into a dream somehow. 
Now someone has blown a great big horn,
 To wake us all; one by one.
 We do to be awake at this time,
 We do not want to face the truth we caused,
 The truth that we now can not hide.

 The people we love are turning against us, 
 Our government has disowned us,
 They labelled us as racist.
 Our enemies laugh; watching on in waiting,
 For their turn; on our little nations.

 So where are we in this world today?,
 The land is not green now,
 The sky is not blue.
 We need to stand together, 
 To see this fight through.

 We can not surrender,
 We are the world; both me and you.
 Forget about race, color, or creed,
 We all must stand united,
  If we wish to succeed.

 -Melissa Kinslow, 
 Newfoundland, Canada


  • Mar 01, 2022

  • Mar 01, 2022

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