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Tier High School, one of twenty in the Marron Valley. Out of the twenty, it's in the top three of the most dangerous schools. But their in the top five to b eb special. So  special, some of the other schools would say they have special abilities.

*Birds chirping and an alarm goes off*

Aydin *Groans*: "Ugh, I can't  believe  summer break is already over!"

Aydin's Mom: "Sweetie hurry up or you'll  be late for your first day of school!"

Aydin: "I'm coming down!"

*Aydin Gets Dressed and Heads Downstairs*

Aydin's Mom: "Good morning baby girl, your toast with jelly on is on the counter."

Aydin: "Thank you mom, love you, see you later!"


*Bumps into a boy*

Aydin: "Oww, I'm so sorr...sorry..."

Boy: "Ow, that hurt."

Inside Aydin's Head: He's cute..

Aydin: "I'm  so sorry, I wasn't paying attention, it's my fault."

Boy: "It's fine. See you around."


*Two girls walk up Aydin in class*

Two Girls: "Hey Aydin,  how was your summer!"

Aydin: "Oh, hey Autumn and Addilyn. It was okay."

Autumn: "Hmm, doesn't sound fun."

Addilyn: "You didn't go to any parties or anything?"

Aydin: "Nope, spent it babysitting my little brother, Dowdy."

Addilyn: "Aww, you don't  seem happy about babysitting such a cutie."

Aydin: "He's  only 6 months, so it was a lot of changing diapers, feeding, and spitting up all over my clothes. I wouldn't cons-"

*Loud commotion outside*

Aydin: "Ugh it better not be those three again."

Autumn *looks out the window*: "It is."

Aydin: "Ugh, come on."

Carl: "Where's  our money you owe us Damon?"

Damon: "I... I don't have it..."

Sal: "We told you to have it by Thursday, last week! It's Wednesday!"

Damon: "But I live on my own and money-"

Carl: "I don't  care, give us our money!"

Mike: "Give us everyth-"

Aydin: "Leave him alone Mike! You and your group need to head back to class now!"

Mike: "Heh, I'm  not scared of you. Boys, take care of them."

Sal and Carl: "Tier 3 Activate! TRIGRAM PLASMA ARROWS!"

Addilyn and Autumn: "Tier 2 Activate! EARTH WALL!"

Aydin: "Tier 2 Activate! ENERGY CUBE!"

*Large explosion shakes the school*

Aydin: "Ouch."

Mike: "You three are still standing? Wow."

Carl: "Should we finish them?"

Mike: "Go ahead."

Carl and Sal *smiles*: "Get ready to perish!"

Boy: "Energy Cube."

Aydin: "That...that voice!"

Autumn: "How are we-"

Addilyn: "Who are you?"

Mike: "You guys are so incompetent. Tier 3 Activate! TRIANGLE ENERGY BLAST!"

Boy: "Energy Cube."

Addilyn: "Wow he's  strong."

Boy: "Leave those four alone."

Mike: "And who is going to stop us?"

Sal: "Yeah, who?"

Boy: "Me."

Carl: "Ha, we're  the strongest kids here, we're  tier 3 and everyone here are tier 1 or 2."

Mike, Sal, and Carl: "Tier 3 Activate! TRI BEAM UNISON RAY!"

Boy: "Tier 4..."

Autumn and Aydin: "Tier 4!?"

Addilyn: "What!?"

Boy: "Activate! Energy Cube."

Mike: "What the hell!"

Boy: "Moon Needle!"

Sal: "Moon?"


Carl: "I forfeit!" 

Sal: "Same!"

Mike: "What the..."

Boy: "Don't ever mess with them or the boy again!"

Mike: "Who are you?"

Boy: "Me? I don't tell my name to my enemies."

Autumn: "What should we do with them?"

Aydin: "As the student council president, we need to figure out a punishment."

Addilyn: "We can figure it out during lunch. Let's  get back to class and we can talk to the principal about this."

Aydin and Autumn: "Alright."

Autumn: "And figure out the boys name."


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