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Yeah, it's a little hard right now.
The hearts bound, the thoughts surround, and all I want to do is scream right now.
All these problems and mistakes, got me feeling not so proud right now.
The voices screaming hey listen like Navi and it's too fucking loud right now.

Here's another for the thumb board
Hope you don't get too bored.
I've poured and poured, then I overpoured,
Losing all sense of self, y'all weren't absurd,
I always tried so hard, and I'd end up overboard.
Self implosion was the chord.
The fact though, I learned.
No more Facebook, no more dating apps, my whole life is being burned. 
Kicking old habits, and I'm on to the next word.


  • Mar 01, 2022

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    Mar 07, 2022

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