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If I could make a wish for you
To yourself always be true 
I wish you all the happiness 
I wish you never feel loneliness
My hope for you, is to always care
Even when the world's unfair
My hope is that you will fall in love
In your life you put her above
That the friends you keep are true in heart
They have your back if it all falls apart
That you always help the poor in need
hold strong in your creed
Repent things you find hard to say
Trust in God, his light shows the way
Try as hard as you can not to judge
Those who hurt you hold no grudge
Take time to appreciate nature
To your family never be a stranger
Never forget your roots and how deep they go.
Make time for your family as they grow
Keep alive the people in your life that have passed
Respect time , make special moments last
Treat all with purpose and respect 
For your soul take time to reflect
learn to see beyond the skin
let go of hatred from within
show another person how to live
Help another person to forgive
do not be resentful son
face challenges, never run
Make time for life's beautiful sunsets
Never hold deeply in your regrete
Embrace the rain drops knocking the ground
dance when it showers, astound
Don't hide away any emotions you feel
Emotions are there to help you heal
So when I'm gone and you don't know what to do.
Hopefully these words will ring true in you
Your mother in heaven above wants you to know
 she has unwavering love for her son below 
 As your mother  I wish  to give you  everything I can
but I know thats not what makes a boy become a man


  • Feb 27, 2022

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  • Apr 20, 2022

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