REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Book#01, Chapter#06) Read Count : 51

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy

Now the biggest challenge was that how to change this wildlife into a advance kingdom. Then Hatrex said "I think we should build houses and building. And this work takes so much strength. Lavens are huge strong enough for it. They can lift any type of weight and can produce fire and heat. But they are not too much intelligent for advance and technical things". Then all the lavens ordered to made a village for living. Zekxious made huge blocks of stone from the mountains with the help of his magic. He also cured harmed lavens too. Then Thunderex said to Hatrex "You don't worry. Electrians are not much powerful than lavens but they are intelligent enough to make this planet a hub of technology. I will order them to make designs and advance technology for building and houses". Basically lavens was a huge and muscular race. They were strong enough for any lift so much weight. They were big instead of electrians. While electrians were strong too but not more than leavens. But one thing made them special. They were having a mighty intelligence. They can made any advance technology  in no time. They were smaller than leavens but they are not so weak. They also lift heavy things too they have a limited strength. However, all the Zakandlaians working hard for their motherland. In just 1 month they made a village where was that tree standing. They have crops according to their races. And advance technology to build more. Time spending and with time this planet becoming more powerful and advanced. Both nations live together like a family. Everything was looking majestic and peaceful. After 18000 years now no one can recognized this planet that this was the planet of hell. So many huge and beautiful building were widely spreaded on the planet. Everyone have cars and other vehicles. New breeds of animals came into being. There was no sign of pollution. The seas of fire and glowing blue water traveling together like they were one. Everyone were do there job with honestly and gladly. When there was any type of danger came into the planet from the space like monsters then the army of Zakandlas that was know as the "Z FIGHTERS"  distroy them. Now lets go to the mid of the planet were Darklite and Firex meet together. The place we're this all started and Tree of life located. But not it became the most important place of Zakandlas. Where a huge advanced and beautiful castle standing for Mighty Titans. Now this place called "ZITAN" The royal and most powerful region of Zakandlas. The castle was build on the highest mountain of Zakandlas. They Tree of life was located there too. The castle was so much huge that it's pillers went acrossed the clouds. But the Tree of life was way bigger than castle. It was touching the space a little bit. The castle took 2 centuries to build because the The Elementoz Titans was huge like a mountain. And all the Zakandlaians were just a grain of rice instead of them. The age of the Zakandlaians was more than 3000 years. They also married with each other. This thing made the relationship of Lavens and Electrians more stronger. Only one Zakandlaian alived from the beginning. He was the first sign of relationship of Lavens and Electrians. He was a crossbreed Zakandlaian and through the time passed away his powers become more stronger. He made 1000s of super worriers for Zakandlas. Titans were so happy from him and made him immortal. His name was "KYTRON" The mighty worrier of Zakandlas. He can saw future and much more. One day Kytron went to castle of Titans for told them some bad News.



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