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Frightened, dark and in the cold
we must flee we are told
Holding each other we  begin to pray
Will we live to see the sun rise n a new day
Hoping for theyre dissolution
They'll  never find no absolution
Gathering in numbers we stow away
All our pets went  frantically ran astray
We huddled below the snow covered ground
Ever so quiet, not to make a sound
Breathing easier ,now that were hidden from the danger
Amazingly, your neighbors no longer is a stranger
Explosions from bombs above ,echo in  our cavern below 
Take in a deep breath,  let it out slow
Somewhere footsteps are heard
Everyone ....quiet... don't breathe a word
Try to be still like a rock
Hearts begin pounding loud as a clock
Hearing the enemy as they surround
Chaosis invades as we are found
Forced to leave our shelter below
Everything begins to 
slowwwwwwwwwww......  .. .
All my will shattered like the darkened sky am I
Wishing yesterday wasnt so distant
Yesterday, your scent is still  so resilient
Destroyed is My home and land
I sink inside with empty heart in hand
Oh, Warming sun blanket this cold defeat
Something to comfort before  my maker and I meet
Now everything becomes a slow moving dream 
Like. I'm watching through a movie screen
I raise my head to get lost. in the sky
Instead we meet, eye to eye
Even slower in motion I cried 
please .please........ I don't want to die
My life flash's before me
Remember her as she was ,I decree
Tears falling ,as I reply
Allegence to you, Ill never comply
You can take our land , but our hearts remain
Our blood  will only bleed as a citizen of Ukraine

Respectfully, hearts are fixed on you all
Ukraine , We observe your pain. 
GOD Be With You All,
A Citizen of The USA


  • Feb 26, 2022

  • Feb 26, 2022

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