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As My World Explores

Just let the world of Superman explode into being no more.
My life collapsed almost 20 years ago.
Casualties were at an all-time high.
One way for sure that made this grown man cry.
From the rubble and ashes, there was a loss of job and good health.
These are the cards I was dealt.
Didn't know from there would be further harm. 
Next thing to take place I will discover the release of a yearly time bomb.
Striking at the very Foundation that I have built do sweat and tears.
Things to look back on be proud of throughout the years. They're going now poop like a cloud of smoke. 
Just shaking my head can't believe life's joke. 
Been knocked down more then I was able to get up.
 Who ever would predict such rotten luck? 
Pray upon prayer one tries to do.
 Wouldn't wish this rotten luck on an enemy to go through.
 So now I sit and watch  wonder to the Earthly sky.
 There's nothing left nothing else as I wait  to die.


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