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I gave you all my life 
You gave me all your love,
You always will be my love
You will always be my inspiration,
I was lucky to find you
You came from the skies
You come to me in dreams
Your gaze struck my heart
I fall in love when I see you
I see you, I see you
You gave me a home
You charmed me with words
You gave me dreams I never knew
I was so happy with you
You by my side
You in my life
You and me
You gave me a place to be.

Let's get together
One more time
I follow you everywhere
You come with me anywhere
You come to me
You walk with me
I shine for you
I'll be the light
That shows you the way
Through your darkest hours.

What was we both doing
So far away from here
So far away from the truth
Lost in Pan's labyrinth 
I was just a piece of your future
You the love I'm missing
You the love I couldn't find
You the feeling I've been looking for
Searching for love
In everyone I see
In a labyrinth without end
In a forgotten wilderness
In a long lost picture
I was searching for you all my life
You the only love
I have ever wanted
You needed me
And I wasn't there for you
I couldn't help you
Even though
You are always with me
I wonder you
You're on my mind 
I love you
I love you, I love you so much,
I want you
Even when they keep us apart 
Want to seperate us
Even hate us
For how much we love eachother
For the love we represent 
For all we stand for
Our moves a deception
To cover our tracks
To hide our location
For our protection
Who cares
If our love ensnares
Even though we are free
And always will be
Free to love
Free to see
You standing next to me
I imagined it was true
Every step we took
Gave us answers
Answers to questions I never knew.

I'm yours
You my prized possession 
You my obsession 
You my love and inspiration
I have to be with you
I have to find you
I'm addicted to you.

On lonely street walks
Everything comes to mind
And everything is revealed
And everything is known
You don't have to tell me
I can read your mind
I can see it on the looks you give
Kiss me
Kiss me everywhere you like
I love you more each day
You make me happy 
You make me smile
I give you all my life
I give you all my love
You give me your body 
You give me your tenderness 
You and I 
We're the only thing that makes sense
Forget everyone else
There is only me and you
Everything else is madness
An invented nightmare
Projected into our little world
By an evil mind. 

I look for you 
I loose you
I find you
Yet you are always here in my heart
We don't like playing games 
They're for children
Or for fools with an agenda
Give me the day you promised me
Give me the night you came to me
To love you one more time
Need you in my quiet silence
Need you next to me
Need your love.

Postured on a street,
 of a labyrinth without end,
In the street light ...
...You walk towards me
My dream comes true
I'm back home with you...



  • Lee Carlos Andrew Effio Taylor

    Lee Carlos Andrew Effio Taylor

    The first time I have given a piece of mine five stars, the three hours this took to produce was well worth it, gotta light up a smokey to celebrate my work completed. Hope ya'll like it too. All the very best wishes to ya'll from the UK. ⭐⭐⭐♥️♥️😍♥️♥️⭐⭐⭐

    Feb 26, 2022

  • Feb 26, 2022

  • Feb 26, 2022

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