YOU MUST BE STUPID🥀 Read Count : 62

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You must be STUPID 
Thinking you can PLAY ME
I'm done holding up for shit you did
15yrs nothing but misery

You threw me in the game
Bihh you left me and my mom FOR DEAD 
Scandalized my name
Off of bullshit YOU said

Jealous as hell
Bihh you're trying to LIVE MY life
You praying I'd fail 
Bihh I removed the knife 

I'm not saying IN shit
All you did was steal
Punks I'm not your bitch
I'll always keep it real

You watching my moves
Monitoring my pussy like it's yours
I ain't got shit to lose
But I'm one you can't ignore

Got you hitting that liquor 
Everyday you stalking
Paying people for my picture
All that shit you talking

You could never back it up
So I'm taking you to court
I've had enough
Can't wait to see you in those handcuffs


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