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For you the street seems like a magnet.
You prefer to be there, leaving solitude in your place.

You make stories up to escape reality.
Badly made up lies hurting me in the process without necessity.

You lost all of the honesty that once I admire from you?
You need to come and talk instead of running.
To stalk is not my role, and neither am I a spy but you owe me something and it's sincerity.
Why don't you tell me that I am a fool,
that you've desieved me,
that I'm making a storms in a glass of water,

Why don't you defend the love of the one you want more?
Why don't you tell me that God was wrong and our course is not together,
why can't you see that you are going to lose your chance.
More stories to run away,
you lie and you do it bad causing harm without the need.

You lack  honesty, the one I admired of you?
What you need is to talk to me
To follow you is not my role nor will I spook on you but you owe me an answer.
Why don't you tell me that I've been tricked, 
that I'm making a big deal,
why don't you defend your love for another skin?
Why don't you tell me that God made an error and marked our path in different ways?
Why can't you notice that you are going to lose the opportunity of explaining yourself.


  • That's a well said message.

    May 09, 2022

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