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Well I think we are going to leave things like this.

Would' ve preferred to say this in person but distance inhibit me.

I've learned some things that I didn't like and won't go into details,
You know what I'm talking about....
Why are you like this...?

 Don't worry I don't wish you ill,
from deep inside of my heart I want you to be happy even if it's not with me.

You don't know the mess that you've caused and when I finally managed to get comfortable with my feelings ¿W
hat good did it do to me?

 I don't deserve to be anyone's second choice and of all of this I am the responsible one here for not asking beforehand.

 I know that sometimes things don't go the way we want and its all good,
nothing happened here,
none of us will die.

You'll forget me and I'm going to forget you.

If from the start you would've told me the truth,
I wouldn't have bet so much,
I also know the game.

I don't deserve  anyone scraps and Im aware that of all this I am the only one responsible here,
for not asking before starting what where your intentions.

I know that theres times in which things don't go the way we want and don't worry we're good,
neither of us will die, we'll continue in our own path.

You'll forget me, and I'll forget you,
but if from the start you would've told me the truth,
I wouldn't have fallen in love because I also know how to play.

Anyways good luck with everything I
 have to hang up now.


  • May 09, 2022

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