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Blessed be the dark ones they know how to shine when life hits that it's hard as they're the ones who hold the line they roll with the punches can't keep them down for long while the light ones fall like Domino's when the darkness gets too strong there's balance in all things it's true and you'll find both in the night don't assume it isn't there cuz you can't see the light it streets through with comments it's there in every Star and how could you not see the moon shining where you are you preach like you know better in your world of love and light I promise when your darkness comes you'll fall without a fight I think I'll take my chances in the dark I know so well see what you feel to realize is how the fallen Angels fell blessed be the dark ones they'll save you in the end when your loving light deserts you and you're reaching for a friend think of my words the next time you judge things you don't know and pray the darkness doesn't eat you when it's your time to go


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