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I felt a mixture of emotions wash over me as our gaze locked. You knew that your words had cut me deep and I could see that you were waiting for me to explode. That's what I normally did when your words are actions cut me right to the bone. But something yes something was different this time I wanted to scream my pain at you but it didn't come you had called something much worse than me than my normal reaction of pain emotions. I was numb. As I stared at you I saw that you didn't know what to think with no yelling I felt that you realized it was different you'd hurt me too deeply and too often and I was finally at that point I had said might come I was done utterly and totally done a solitary tear rolled down my cheek I wipe my cheek and said be safe and then I said I've made up my mind and there ain't no changing it I turned and walked away leaving you I stopped and turned one last time don't hurt her and break her spirit like you did mine treat her with respect give her the things I deserve but never got from you.


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    May 07, 2022

  • May 09, 2022

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