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"I'm falling apart. Can you put me back together?"

"I would rather not."


"Because you aren't a puzzle."

"What about all of the pieces of my life that are falling down onto the ground?"

"Let them stay there for a while. They fell off for a reason. Take some time and decide if you need any of those pieces back."

"You don't understand! I'm breaking down!"

"No.... you don't understand. You are breaking through. What you are feeling are just growing pains. You are shedding the things and the people in your life that are holding you back. You aren't falling apart. You are falling into place. Relax. Take some deep breaths and allow those things you don't need anymore to fall off of you. Quit holding onto the pieces that don't fit you anymore. Let them fall off. Let them go."

"Once I start doing that, what will be left of me?"

"Only the very best pieces of you."

"I'm scared of changing."

"You aren't changing. You are becoming"

"Becoming who?"

"Becoming who you were meant to be. A person of light and love and charity and hope and courage and joy and mercy and grace and compassion. You were made for more than the shallow pieces you have decided to adorn yourself with that you cling to with such greed and fear. Let those things fall off of you. I love you! Don't change but... Become! Become who you were meant to be. I'm going to keep telling you this until you remember it."

"There goes another piece."

"Let it be."

"So... I'm not broken?"

"Of course not! But you are breaking like the dawn. Become!"

The real love story was always between you and yourself. It was always about how you walked alone and learn what you needed to carry. It was always about how you see yourself through your own eyes and not someone else's. It was always about how to dig joy out from beneath your cynicism, how you slowly build your desires into form. It was always about how you learn what you like and don't, and what you came here to be. The real love story was always about how you open your heart to yourself. 

The relationship you have with yourself is the most complicated because you can't walk away from you. You have to forgive every mistake and deal with every flaw. You have to find a way to love you even when you are disgusted with you.


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  • May 07, 2022

  • May 07, 2022

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