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1.  Sometimes we push people far away, very far that it hurt so badly, just for their good. But when the time comes and we needed them; they've far moved on without us.

2.  The beginning of a new thing is beautiful, but if you couldn't end it, you just wasted your Time

3.  A leader doesn't need Power, Authority, or an Appointment before They act.
They just act.

4.  In the abundance of water the fool is thirsty

5.  A Friend is someone who will always be there for you at all times, A Partner is someone who will always be with you at all times.

6.  Love isn't built on trust or Respect or whatever, it's just love

7. The weakest part of the body is the heart, it can break without falling.

8. The Holy Spirit is not a hovering spirit that comes in when the temple is clean and leaves when the temple is unclean.

9.  It is only cowards who hide their true identity.

10.  Reality is the fading of temporary things, revealing a quarter of the perfect world.

11.  Your identity is the representation of a temporary self.

12.  The Holy Spirit doesn't feed people who are already full of ignorance, foolishness, and doubt.

13.  Be what you want to be before you become

14 I don't hope much when am promised, I always have my plans. That's why disappointment is not my cup of tea

15.  If we could see How deep The Love of God is, the would-be no exception than to love your neighbor as yourself.

16. Don't take people out of your life, take things out and replace them with people.

17.  Human beings can be cruel beings ever existed,
But nothing can take the place of a human no matter what.

18. Don't hesitate in giving, for every second in the future, is a misery

19.  "Seeing the possibility in every situation is what is meant, to be faithful."

20.  I know who I am, I know what I cant do. ( En Anglais)

 Sé quién soy, sé lo que no Puedo hacer. ( en Espanol)

 Je Sais Qui Je Suis, Je sais ce que Je ne faux pas faire.( en Francais)

21. Personne ne fonctionne pas le problème de quelqu'un. Je ne suis personne, Je Suis ton problème

22. Something must happen for something to happen.

23. God doesn't put anyone at any place in time by mistake or by a  chance(luck), he put them there for a purpose, to receive or give transformation into graciousness.

24. Every bad and good moment in life, is to teach you or make you learn.

25.If your purpose in life is not discovered, then you remain a liability until it is.

26. Life is full of so many destructions you have to open your eyes wider before you can see the path.

27. I know how far I've got, so I don't compete.

28. They think they know you so, they will try hard to use you against you.

29.  To all who think I have ignored them, I am sorry. To all who have ignored me, I understand.

30.Except something is established in the spiritual realms through Prayer, It won't hold.

31.Except the pillars of everything is established through Prayer, every plan thing collapses.

32. There is a difference between a friend and a true friend. A friend tells you what you want to hear but a true friend tells you what's true.

33. Am not scared of my vulnerability, but what am scared of is that after soo many years of training and sacrifice, It will just take me a moment to be defeated.

34. There is nothing difficult, that's actually difficult if you will only take a step..

35. If you don't believe in prayer, then it possible you don't believe in God.

36. My certainty for living is Christ.

37. I can boldly beat my chest and proudly say nobody taught me  God, I tasted him and have experience him and has come to believe that he is true.

38.If you get to know, you're someone's, answered prayers you don't expect much from anyone.

39.Some are still spiritual sucklings (Hebrews 5:13)

40No matter how fascinating or alluring someone could be, If it's not in the salubrious State of mind, then it less of what it actually beseems.


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