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When I was a child I use to have this dream of mine. I see my self floating in the air, it had it primary at This and also in the secondary level, this dream was so real that I can feel how it works like as in to float as we see in the movies. 
But just as every dream has a meaning, I never understood it , I always tried to float myself in the air when I wake up, I always wanted to practice exactly what I saw in there.
but it never work.
in 2022 I was reading the book Activating the Gift of the spirit by Billy Graham, one of my favorite Mentors when it comes to the GOSPEL.
I got to the page when he was talking about Self control as a fruit of the spirit.

That very night Tuesday 6 April 2022, I had the same dream again. 
On this, I saw myself again as usual floating in the air without balance as it always happens, I feel very light and been moved by the wind, it took me anywhere it wants to, I had no control of it, I could decide whether to float or not to, but the problem is it never take me anywhere only up as I go, just like a polythene been taking up by the wind.

There is always this feeling of fear that I will and never be able to come down, because I was never in control of it , it was in control of me, I have to use trees and Poles to stop my self from floating more Higher. 

Whenever I take those chances at getting down, it takes a while before my feet gets to touch the ground, immediately the floating ceases, and start another time, always does what it does.

so i tried to get rid of the fear, I sat down calm to see if I can control my floating, I had a balance, I stood up to cross my leg in the air, because I felt that was how balance I could go, I always lose balance when I stand and float.

So i tried crossing my legs, I stood up cross it in the air, trying to see on the air, but I fell down, it felt like I was too heavy, because I could feel the vibrate of the ground and my weight at the same time.

I had the desire just to let go, so i did, then I started to float 1 inches above the ground I wasn't moving as it used to be I was at one place in time, it  felt like  the air has become a solid figure that am Sitting on, i could feel my weight as well as the solid air if I may describe it as such.

I could move to and fro, up and down, i could go as fast as I want or as high without having any fear of falling or can't alight problem.

It was fascinating seeing all the people around me trying to float but can't, and asking how?

I gave them how I worked mine out but it seems it personal and everyone has a different way at which it works.
I woke up having all this floating feeling equally as it is in the dream, thinking ;let me give another trying maybe it would, immediately the thought SELF CONTROL floated in my mind being in control of one self is a big deal to learn.


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