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 Because of my rebellion
 Christ was pierced
Because of me there was a wound at where he was pierced
There was a bloodshed on my behalf
He took the pain even before I could make a decision.

Yes, He
HE took it all !!!!

 Because of my sins
 He was crushed
Crushed brutally than any other being 
He was crushed but no bone was broken.
He didn't yell, he didn't weep, he Just took it

He Just took it all
I was broken and out worn, i didn't even recognize myself that day.

Just to make me whole, 
He was beaten, 
Thirty eight plus one
He was beaten like a criminal.
Arteries, veins, ligaments,
tissues and cells were torn apart and fell off that day,
with bruises and blood all over the floor.

I was rendered speechless and motionless, I didn't know what to do, because it should have been me,
i couldn't believe my eyes.

I tried waking up from this bloody Arena but it was clear I wasn't sleeping.

His actions reassured me that am not just 
 to him.

I sob and sobbed, but He just won't stop what he was doing.

I was very ashamed, 
That he even has to take the whipping, for my indiscipline
 So that I can be healed

After it all,
He flex his vocal cords, in Pain and undescribable, unimaginable and unprecedented agony,
Looking straight into my eyes and said
 It is finished
and bowed his Head

I fell down to my knees and cried and cried. 
“My Savior what does it mean"

I said out loud with tears all over my face.
It didn't take long when some women and Men ask for his body for burial.

It's been two thousand years and his last words Still rings in my head.

“It is finished "
It is finished,
 not just any flimsy statements,
But a powerful sentence, that I won't stop saying because I see it now;
The fashion of His light in my life 
And He has finish it all

It is finished
indeed it is !!!
It is finished !!!!


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