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Mother's day
Greetings to our Dearest and indispensable Mothers,
We are happy for another Glorious Year like this, which the Lord has offered us,For us to celebrate you ones again for your indescribable, invaluable, unimaginable and colossus Love you showed to us even before we start to take our first steps.

You thought us all that we needed to know to be able to live in this life. 
We owe you too much and there's nothing to settle the cost of love and kindness you've shown us since the time we were in your protectable home in your belly, at your back where you carried us wherever you are going and even now you've cease not to think about us all the time.

we are so Graceful, when you will seat us down and talk to us, correct us and scold us when necessary.
You put us First before yourself, 
You Sacrificed the little you have so that we can be happy all the time, even the little food you have to eat, you shared it with us even when we've had enough, sometimes you sleep with an empty stomach so that we won't sleep hungry.

We see it, 
How you struggle and toil , under the sun, in people houses, at Work places and even at home with Sweats and tears just for us to have something to wear and a  fine clothes to cover ourselves at night.

You were our only teacher at home.
You facilitated us through all our studies, school projects and Assignment even though you were very tired and needed to take the day off.  

Your caring heart is too great to be denied,
You will woke up early to wash all our dirty clothes while we are caught in a fantasy dream in the early hour.

Our worries became your worries,
Our trouble became your trouble and our needs became your's as well, 
Even sometimes you have to defend us Infront of Daddy.
You Protected us when the whole world and it people turn back on us.

You've never ever
stop seeing the best in us
 even when we think we are getting nowhere, you never left us alone.
You mothered us at all times.
You never rejected our calls
You never denied us when we seek your help and counsel.
You are the symbol of Charity in our lives.
 Our first of all kind mentor

We thank the Lord for your lives, 
It our prayer that the LORD exacerbate your love from time to time,
May the LORD upgrade your wisdom.
May he give a double for all your output in us.

We say we are so Graceful for this fruit of kindness you have planted in us.

We are happy to celebrate you again
We Pray the Lord replenish your
Enjoy mother
Happy Mother's day.


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