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I felt happy today. Or maybe, somehow I managed to pretend well. Anyway, it was a good day. I didn't get to meet the people I wanted to meet tho. But it's fine!
I’ve had a perfectly fine day. Am I explaining FINE too much? Maybe, I don't know. Whatever. 
I think too much. Sometimes, I feel I do everything way too much. I prioritise a lot of things way too much than they deserve. Be it anything! I care too much. I observe everything or maybe I just create scenarios in my head. And that sucks!! Should I just look into my priorities again? because it's hurting me either way.  For me, every little thing matters! To meet someone I like just for a few seconds, matters! To see somebody's face I like, matters! To get a smile from the people I care about, matters! When anybody misses me, matters! When anybody puts in half the amount of effort, matters! Every fucking thing, matters! 
When anybody yells at me, it does hurt. I feel every little thing that doesn't even exist matters to me! What should I do? I know one shouldn't be so fragile. All of these are vulnerabilities I’d be talking about when I get that comfort.

 I am just tired of everything. Why is it so hard to live life happily? 


  • May 05, 2022

  • I like the way you express yourself. You're not afraid of letting your voice be heard. You're not afraid of how people might perceive you. You're not afraid to be You. Well done! This is a beautiful piece of art. Keep it up! And keep doing you coz happiness comes from within.

    May 05, 2022

  • May 06, 2022

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