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The last time my soul was in a place to start a bled for the world but I left my damn Mark I show the world beauty in the darkest of places I gave the world hope when I couldn't find traces not when raya light not one star to be seen I was lost in my darkness and I became a queen of darkness and nightmares of smoking despair of all that I can't save you because they're not really there a memories and Twilight of dreams that just died I built my throne with the pain and the lies with pieces of yesterday blown apart by my past I put them together from the first to the last now my soul wants to tear it all down set the Kingdom on fire and destroy the crown she knows it's worth nothing all the pain that I believe it won't change a thing and it's not what I need now I'm here standing on the edge once again the abyss is my calling but it was never my friend I'm so very tired I don't think I can climb so I'll write down these words and bleed one last time.


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