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Want some Blue Moon luck will send our way a special person for whom all people pray the person who captures takes hold of our hearts some fall in love slowly others right from the start to us this person can do no wrong to us they are perfect with us they belong the way that this person makes me feel leaves me feel and consent so powerful and will you have awaken all the senses feel taste and touch I can't no longer fight wanting you this much I know he can see you from the time that we share that I alone and the one he knows I'll be there I don't think you understand how loyal deep and real these feelings I have for you have never been more real the cards were not Dale they were given may may not be the win in Ace I couldn't been happier in any other place you're very existence is enough to silence the pain when you say you love me it's the reason I'm sane I have never felt such an intense desire to please all your senses sexually take you higher there isn't anything for you that I wouldn't do I'll travel to the ends of the Earth fight the devil till he threw I will always have your back don't matter if you're right or wrong I honestly believe with you is where my soul belongs


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