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Don't die I got a bottle of Jack and a bottle of pills and a Old 45 sitting next to my bills it's all stacked up but I feel so low about to hit the point that I just let go I stare at the mirror and I shake my head fighting back to feeling that I'm better off dead trying so hard but I barely get by live through a war or I should have died feeling really guilty about mistakes I've made.. but the story is the same there's never any change and I feel like I'm looking at the same old page I'm stuck in the rut and there's no escape I'm starting to believe that this is my fate now I'm staring at the bottles and the loaded gun tears in my eyes cuz I feel so dumb how did I get here on the very edge after all I live through ready to swallow it there's no good answers there's no way out I've lost all respect for my stupid self even as I sit here I hear a sign a voice in my head telling me perhaps it's time.


  • May 05, 2022

  • living this

    Jun 03, 2022

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