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For me, I wrote a few words of love.
To be able to forgive myself,
To understand myself,
To start from scratch once more.

  For me, I was never good enough,
So I started chasing people
Who were like butterflies,
They never paid attention to me.

  For me, I started to exist,
To no longer have expectations
For things that do not belong to me,
Which are always changing
And want to change me completely
"For their own good." (sighing!)

I gave a little for myself,
I gave up.
I was blind,
I never saw the good things
That are hidden in my life.

  But today is another chapter,
It's only about me.
I'll be selfish,
I'll close my wounds
And start living for myself... NOW!
Forgetting about them, completely.


  • May 05, 2022

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